Based on many years of practical experience we offer a comprehensive range of advisory services with a particular focus on identification of value drivers and implementation of value-growth strategies.

Value-growth strategies

We support companies in long- term strategy building oriented on value growth, especially for knowledge based companies. We help to identify key value-drivers of the company, including components of Intellectual Capital.

Our specialization:
  • Support in the process of long- term development and strategic plan of the company consisting of following elements:
    • “As Is” analysis of current business activity and business model
    • “To Be” growth strategies (VBM 3D Growth Model)
    • Preparation of financial model reflecting the defined strategy
  • Preparation of the action plan of strategy implementation which is decomposing the global strategic qualitative goals on operating measurable tasks.

M&A Transactions

Comprehensive support in M&A transactions (we have completed several dozen M&A projects finished with closed transactions) and post- merger integration.

Our specialization:
  • Business Due Diligence analysis including extensive characteristics of company, its potential of growth and its market research
  • IC Due Diligence – identification of key value generators according to the intellectual capital methodology, including key human resources, its competencies and knowledge components
  • Preparation of long- term financial model for the company combined with valuation model
  • Support in each stage of the acquisition process of (structuring of transaction, preparation of the investment agreement).
  • Support in pre- and post-merger integration
  • Coordination and supervision of supplementary elements of the company’s due diligence (legal and financial-tax audits)

Business processes optimization

Support in reorganization of companies in order to maximize efficiency and increase resource productivity, including the implementation of internal mechanisms aimed at motivating the entire organization to increase the value for shareholders.

Our specialization:
  • Implementation of the solution selling and sales pipeline management methodology in B2B sales processes (including support in selection and implementation of CRM systems)
  • Definition of a Data Controlling Model, preparation of managerial reports, implementation of financial management and controlling strategies
  • Strategies of operational efficiency maximization (cost optimization, restructuring, implementation of Shared Services, benchmarking)
  • Implementation of human resources development processes
  • Definition of motivational systems for management and key employees (ESOP programs based on the increase of the company’s value)
  • Strategies of innovation development, management of R&D activity


As managers of the GPV investment fund, we have analyzed several thousand companies and projects, we know exactly what features investors are looking for in the companies and how to present them in an attractive way.

Our specialization:
  • Definition of the financing structure
  • Support in preparation of a set of investment materials
  • Support in finding strategic and financial investors and other sources of financing
  • Support in deal terms negotiations with financial institutions and investors
  • IPO strategy and support

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