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TeamVest Capital (TVC) is a venture capital fund run by the team previously responsible for the success of Giza Polish Ventures I.

Our team members are experienced in evaluation and selection of innovative investment projects as well as in management, value growth, finance and legal issues. We have invested in broad range of projects, ranging from IT (including SaaS applications, Big Data), Internet, IoT to biotechnology and new materials.

Through Giza Polish Ventures I we have invested in over 30 high-growth companies.



with the exception of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus


Producers with track record of selling own innovative and competitive products worldwide under own brand

Producers employing innovative production technologies

Companies delivering value-added services via employment of innovative tools, thereby maximizing optimization and automation of processes

IT companies developing innovative solutions in the areas of smart enterprise, Internet of Things, mobile technologies etc.



Product/service features

Potential to become country or regional leader

Uniqueness and innovativeness / product owned by the company

Market-verified and scalable business model with growth potential

Complementary team with strong leadership

Well-defined exit strategy in 3-5 year horizon

Investment approach

Investment terms

Winning investments

Our team is responsible for acquiring and undertaking of investments in such companies as Audioteka or HiProMine, which have been widely commented in venture capital branch. We are also successful in exits, with Vivid Games as the brightest example.

Report on Barriers to Development of Innovativeness in Poland

TeamVest members actively participates in development of innovativeness in Poland by taking part in numerous conferences and seminars as well as by cooperating closely with various institutions. This includes—among others—cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Centre for Research and Development as well as other VC funds such as Giza Polish Ventures. These fruitful partnerships already resulted in preparation of the Report on Barriers to Development of Innovativeness in Poland (Polish only) by Zygmunt Grajkowski, TVC's Managing Partner. The report has been officially presented during the Round Table on Innovativeness event in February 2013.

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